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Are you ready to better understand your own energy and expand your innate intuitive abilities?

Are you interested in things like intuition, oracle cards, and energy healing but don't know where to start?

Do you want to be someone who can energetically take care of yourself, family, and home?

Are you ready to increase your intuition and psychic skills?

Are you someone who can feel other people's emotions or pain?

Do you know you have Spirit Guides, but feel like you're missing messages?

Is your life out of alignment and you are ready to figure out how to change that?

It's time to stop relying on other people for answers and instead learn how to understand your own energy and expand on your already powerful intuitive abilities!

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3 Paths to take your next step:

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Receive a Message From Your Higher Self!

We are always connected to our higher selves and the possibility of receiving deep wisdom and guidance, but sometimes we aren't able to bring through the information.

Are you wondering what message your higher self has for you right now?

Expand your Spiritual Abilities and Knowledge!

Amy offers many pre-recorded video courses which allow you to learn on your own time and at your own pace. All of Amy's courses support you in expanding into your own awakening for your unique journey.

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Take this Quiz
Are you in alignment with your purpose in this lifetime or is something getting in the way?

We all come here with specific purposes, things to accomplish, and experiences to have, but sometimes we can find ourselves a bit off track. Take this quiz to see what might going on with you!


Hi there, I'm Amy. I help intuitives understand their own energy and grow their innate intuitive abilities.  I am a certified Usui & Holy Fire Reiki Master, Akashic Records Practitioner, Transpersonal Crystal Healer, and Soul Regression Therapist.

What people are saying...

Through this work with Amy I was able to connect more deeply with not only myself but with my guides and ancestors.

All of my experiences with Amy were beautiful and enlightening. With that deeper connection I have been able to take those next steps within my spiritual journey to reach a clearer understanding of my who I truly am and my purpose.

Truly a blessing.

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Blessings to Amy and anyone who joins her.

Amy is a very approachable and open soul. She explains things in a way at that you understand. There is a gentle kindness to her.

Enjoy the journey.

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You can tell how much Amy genuinely cares about all the people she works with.

I did a meditation experience with her and it was wonderful! She guides you through in a very gentle way allowing your intuition to take over, and see/feel what you are meant to.

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I look forward to connecting with you!

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