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Learn how to identify what energy is yours versus someone else's, and how to clear what you aren't meant to carry! 

Do you feel things more than most people around you?

Does your body seem to take on negative energy like a sponge no matter what you do?

Do you continually need more alone time than you can carve out to recharge?

Is it overwhelming for you to be in large crowds?

Do you have a hard time watching violent or scary movies?

Are you feeling blocked in listening to your gut or intuition? 

Do you struggle with boundaries and find yourself often helping everyone else which leaves you feeling completely drained?

The problem isn't that you don't know how to protect your energy good enough- it's that you haven't been taught discernment or tools for dealing with all the overwhelming energy you are able to feel!

Imagine if when you began to feel overwhelmed, you knew exactly what questions to ask and how to receive the answers to determine if the energy you are feeling is even yours?

How much more in control would you feel if you had specific tools to release energy and emotions you aren't meant to be carrying?

Wouldn't it be awesome to fully embrace being the intuitive empath that you already are and purposefully came here to be?

In this course you will learn:

- How to check in with your body to determine if you are holding energy that isn’t yours.
- Where you are holding this energy.
- What to do with it if it isn't yours.
- What to do with it if it is your own energy.
- What kind of boundaries in your physical life might need work.
- Is any forgiveness, reconciliation, or acceptance needed for ourselves and who we are and how we show up in the world.
- Releasing/clearing/healing energetic cords and contracts that might be holding us back.

As an empath, you have innate intuitive abilities- It's time to learn and control these strengths rather than letting them control you!

The details:

- This course will start the first week in June and run for 8 weeks.
- 1 pre-recorded video/topic will be released each week.
- You will continue to have access to this course once it is finished and will receive all updated course material as it comes out.
- There will be a private community group (not on fb) for anyone that wants to ask questions and connect/make friends.

- The first group of founding members going through this course will receive it for $55 US instead of the regular price of $157 the next time it is released!
- As a BONUS, after you pay, you immediately unlock The Guided Meditation/Healing Playlist which can be used as a beautiful method of self care and relaxation.

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