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Are you ready to learn the foundational spiritual tools to open your abilities and get on your most aligned life path??

Are you interested in things like intuition, oracle cards, and energy healing but don't know where to start?

Do you want to be someone who can energetically take care of yourself, family, and home?

Are you ready to increase your intuition and psychic skills?

Do you know you have Spirit Guides, but feel like you're missing messages?

Are you ready to get on your most aligned life path?

It's time to stop focusing on what other people think and instead learn how to understand your own energy and expand on your already powerful intuitive abilities!

In these courses you will learn:
- How to receive your intuitive yes and no using a pendulum. 
- How to use a pendulum board to receive answers.
- How to use your body to receive your intuitive yes/no.
- How to use a pendulum to clear energy.
- How to use a pendulum to cross deceased loved ones.
- How to close and get rid of portals.
- How to clear entities.
- How to use energetic protection for your home and family.
- How to use oracle or tarot cards as a personalizes spiritual curriculum.
- How to intuitively read your cards for messages to take action on.
- How to use your pendulum to receive clearings and activations from your cards.
- How to connect with your higher self and spirit guides to receive messages using automatic writing, meditation, a pendulum, and oracle/tarot cards.

This course bundle includes Amy's 4 foundational courses + a Bonus Healing Playlist:

1. Taking your power back with truth testing (pendulum work.)
2. Energy clearing and protection (includes crossing entities and closing portals.)
3. Using Oracle and/or Tarot cards as a personalized spiritual curriculum (includes how to receive activations and clearings from your higher self.)
4. How to connect with your Spirit Guides using four different methods to receive messages to take aligned action.


Cost is a one time payment of $99 US!

** Also includes access to a private community forum for asking questions and sharing experiences. **