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Forest Path

Are you someone who knows you have Spirit Guides, but feel like you aren't getting your messages?

Are you ready to start receiving more guidance from your team?

If this feels exciting or interesting to you.. 

And your guides are here to work with you more closely.


I created an easy to understand FREE six lesson video mini course which will teach you how to connect with your Spirit Team using four different methods.

You will learn how to connect with your guides using automatic writing, meditation, a pendulum, and oracle and/or tarot cards.

You will receive the videos in two ways:

1.) After clicking submit, you will be directed to a page containing all the videos, guided meditation, and pdf for quick viewing.

2.) Each day for 6 days, you will receive the same videos directly to your email for easy watching and practicing on your own time.

Who Are We

Are you ready to start connecting today?

(This also adds you to my mailing list for future updates and collective readings.)

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