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Learn how to send Reiki to yourself and others from the comfort of your home at your own pace!

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Do you feel a pull towards energy work?

Are you ready to strengthen your spiritual abilities?

Is it time to step your self care up and include this powerful healing modality?

How good would it feel to be able to offer your friends and family healing in times of need?

Reiki is not only for practitioners and healers- it is a beautiful gift that is accessible to everyone and can open up a world of healing, getting closer to your authentic self, and embodying more love on this earth plane.


Are you ready to activate the healer within you and say yes to these deeply powerful energies?

In this course you will learn:

- What Reiki is and how to connect with it.
- How to send Reiki to yourself.
- How to send Reiki to others in person.
- How to send Reiki to others over distance.
- How to give an in person or distance Reiki session.
- The 3 Reiki 1&2 symbols (power symbol, emotional symbol, distance symbol.)

The details:

- This course is pre-recorded and is set up to be self paced.
- There are 7 teaching videos covering all aspects of sending Reiki.
- Included are 2 placements which attune you to the Holy Fire Reiki and can be listened to multiple times to more deeply integrate the Reiki energy.
- There are 2 guided meditation experiences to support your healing as you open up to these energies that can be listened to many times.
- There is a private community group (not on fb) for anyone that wants to ask questions and connect/make friends.

- After you complete the course and send me an email summarizing your experiences with giving and receiving Reiki, you will be sent a certification for Usui/Holy Fire Reiki 1&2.
- One time payment of $197 US and lifetime access.
- William Rand's manual for Usui Reiki 1&2 is what is used for the teachings in this course.
- The manual can be purchased for an additional $35 US if living in the United States (if outside the US, you can still purchase it, but there will be an additional shipping cost.)
- You do not need the manual for this course or to receive your certification, but it can be a nice resource to have.

*** If you have already taken Usui Reiki 1&2 ***

- The teachings will be extremely similar including learning the same symbols.
- The manual is the same, but the teacher uses a Holy Fire manual for the healing experiences and placements.
- The difference is that there are no attunements, there are now placements which allow the Holy Fire Reiki to work individually with you.
- This is a beautiful upgrade to your Usui Reiki energy, however you could also skip this course and go right to Holy Fire Master.

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The Usui/Holy Fire Master Teacher course is being created right now.
If you want to get in on the founding member pricing ($241 US) and be there while it is being uploaded, sign up now!

This course is for you if:

- You want to upgrade your Reiki energy.
- The Holy Fire symbol is calling to you.
- You are ready to open up your intuition and psychic abilities even more.
- You want to be able to teach Reiki (or even if you don't!)
- The idea of being able to run healing experiences for yourself or others sounds intriguing.
- You want to be able to attune others to Reiki (friends, family, clients.)
- You have already taken a Reiki 1& 2 class (it can be Usui or Holy Fire)

This course includes:

- A Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Manual (William Lee Rand)

  (ships for free if in the US- if outside of the US, there will be an extra shipping charge.)
- Teachings and placements for the Usui and Holy Fire Master Symbols.
- How to intuitively use Reiki for a session for yourself or others.
- 3 guided healing experiences.
- 4 Ignitions allowing the Holy Fire energy to work with you uniquely to upgrade your Reiki energy.
- There is a private community group (not on fb) for anyone that wants to ask questions and connect/make friends.

- After completing the course and sending me a summary of your experiences with sending/receiving Reiki, you will receive a Usui/Holy Fire III Master Teacher certification.

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