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Usui/Holy Fire
Reiki 1&2
In Person Workshop


Do you feel a pull towards energy work?

Are you ready to strengthen your spiritual abilities?

Is it time to step up your self care and include this powerful healing modality?

How good would it feel to be able to offer your friends and family healing in times of need?

Reiki is not only for practitioners and healers- it is a beautiful gift that is accessible to everyone and can open up a world of healing, getting closer to your authentic self, and embodying more love on this earth plane.


Are you ready to activate the healer within you and say yes to these deeply powerful energies?


Dates: August 20th & 21st 

Times: 9am-2pm both days

Location: Rutland MA (I will send my address via email)

Limited space available

What to bring:



Yoga mat/blanket/eye pillow


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What is included:

  • Reiki 1&2 Manual

  • Extra water/snacks

  • Reiki teachings learning how to use Reiki for self and others

  • 2 Reiki placements to attune you to the energies

  • Guided Healing experiences to further your own healing

  • Reiki 1&2 Certification after completion​

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What to expect during the workshop days:


Our two days together will be deeply healing, expansive, and relaxing.
There will be plenty of time for learning, connecting, and asking lots of questions so you will be able to immediately start using the healing Reiki energies for yourself and others!
My goal in all of my classes is to create a beautiful and safe environment where we can all learn from each other and walk away feeling more empowered, connected to self, and clearer about our own life's direction and purpose.

What kind of energy and time commitment will this be for me?

Besides the time commitment of the two workshop days, that is really completely up to you! I will recommend spending at least 1 minute a day calling on your newly attuned Reiki energies, however you can create whatever practice feels best for you.

In terms of energy, calling on Reiki for yourself can be deeply replenishing, but depending where you are on your journey, it feels important to note that it could also be bringing things to the surface that are ready to be looked at, healed, and let go- this can sometimes feel emotionally tiring, however the Reiki energies are gentle (yet powerful!) and will work with you in the exact way you are reading and needing them.

How do I know if I am ready?

The easy answer is.. if you are interested in it.. you are ready! Seriously, that's all. Some people think Reiki might be for only advanced spiritual seekers, healers, etc.. however I truly believe this beautiful modality is for anyone that is open and intrigued by it. The more open you are, the  Reiki energies will be able to work with you more deeply, however Reiki will also help you to open more. 

What will the effect on other's be?

The possibilities with Reiki are only as finite as your own imagination. Since you are working with the Reiki energies for yourself, you will have the opportunity to show up in an even more authentic, calm, and bigger picture thinking way. The people around you will be affected positively by the new energies you are able to hold and clear from yourself.
Of course if you feel called towards sending Reiki to loved ones in your life, the effect on them can be even greater. It is an amazing gift to give someone Reiki when they are having a difficult time- or even when they're not!

My Reiki story:

When I signed up for my first Reiki course I actually knew absolutely nothing about Reiki, but I just knew it was for me

I am so glad I listened to that intuitive nudge and dove in!

My favorite ways to use Reiki are on myself for energy clearings,

deepening my spiritual skills, clearing and then bringing in beautiful

energies for my house, and of course sending Reiki to my two kiddos,

family, and friends.

I have trained under two different mentors- one using Usui Reiki and one Using both Usui & Holy Fire Reiki which allows me to bring both of these lineages to you. That combined with figuring out how I most love using Reiki has given me a really good background to me able to share these beautiful energies with others.

I absolutely love empowering my students with this gentle, yet powerful tool, supporting them in awakening their own magic, and teaching discernment so they become their own guru!

Bonus Gifts!!

- After our workshop, you will unlock my pre-​recorded at your own pace Reiki 1&2 video course to learn more and re-listen to the guided experiences and placements to take your Reiki journey even deeper! (value $197.)

- Access to the online private community (not on facebook) to connect with other students and ask questions!


one-time payment of $444 US

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"Amy is a natural teacher and her heart and warmth is weaved into her work. Her Reiki 1 & 2 was a great class that taught me a lot about my own energy and how to use it to help others and myself. The attunements were especially enjoyable and were both relaxing and recharging. I continue to use the information and skills I acquired from the class for myself and family."



"I had a wonderful experience learning Reiki with Amy. Amy is a very down to earth teacher with a kind communication style. Sharing her knowledge is something that Amy loves doing so her teachings flows freely. I highly recommend Amy’s reiki classes. You will not regret it and I am sure will learn more than you expected."

*** If you have already taken Usui Reiki 1&2 ***

- The teachings will be extremely similar including learning the same symbols.
- The manual is the same, but the teacher uses a Holy Fire manual for the healing experiences and placements.
- The difference is that there are no attunements, there are now placements which allow the Holy Fire Reiki to work individually with you.
- This is a beautiful upgrade to your Usui Reiki energy, however you could also skip this course and go right to Holy Fire Master.

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