Wild Nature

Mini course: How to connect with your Spirit Guides and start receiving messages TODAY!

Thank you for saying yes to you, your spirit team, and for trusting me to guide you on this journey.

This mini course is designed to be completed in however much time it feels best for you.
(You will be receiving these videos in your inbox also.)

Your homework with this first video is to start paying extra attention to all the little signs or synchronicities that your guides are using to get your attention. 
Just creating this intention will create magic!

This video is all about how to use automatic writing to connect with your Spirit Team!

Learn how to practice connecting with your Spirit Team using meditation.

This guided meditation is to support you in connecting with one of your Spirit Guides.

Connecting with your team using a pendulum can be very helpful when we are feeling stuck!
(Click the pendulum board image for a pdf.)
** If you haven't worked with a pendulum or body testing before, this lesson might not be super helpful for you.
I created a $39 mini course for getting started with a pendulum and body testing if you want to dive in there.**

Screen Shot 2021-12-23 at 1.06.42 PM.png

Using oracle or tarot cards can be a really fun way to connect with your team.

Typically when I am connecting with my team, I am not using only one method.
In this video I show you how I use all of these tools together.

** I discuss next steps in this video at the end, but what I now offer has changed a bit and I think you'll like it even more!**

If you feel like you've been doing all the things, but are still having trouble connecting to your higher self/guides, you might want to consider getting attuned and learning about Reiki. A lot of students (myself included) have found that playing and working with Holy Fire Reiki energy is extremely supportive in opening up their sensitivity to spirit.