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Starry Sky

THANK YOU for saying YES to YOU!! 

Before you unlock your FREE course...

Do you want to unlock the entire Connecting with Spirit Guides mini course along with other foundational teaching videos?

Are you interested in all the spiritual things, but don't know where to start?

Do you enjoy learning at your own pace on your own time?

Do you want to learn how to energetically take care of yourself, your family, and your home?

Are you feeling stuck spiritually and want to start living your unique aligned life path?

Do you resonate with being an empath, light worker, or starseed but haven't figured out what this means or how to use these as superpowers?

It's time to start by throwing away the rule books and instead learn how to trust and receive your own intuitive answers.

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"Amy's courses and community group have been an amazing place for my spiritual development.


I have access to such a full array of knowledge and tools that Amy shares in a very down to earth way. I especially appreciate being able to access it at any time that suits me and move at the pace that integrates with my lifestyle perfectly.

Thank you for this Energetic freedom."

Amy is a Usui and Holy Fire Reiki Master, Akashic Records Practitioner, Transpersonal Crystal Healer, and Soul Regression Therapist. She has learned from many teachers including her own guides and always teaches from how she uses the tools and abilities in her actual life.

Amy is here to give you the tools and codes to support you in awakening to your own unique journey.

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Foundational Courses:

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Take your power back with truth testing and synch up with your aligned life path.

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Learn how to energetically take care of yourself, loved ones, and home.

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Learn Amy's  process for using oracle/tarot cards as a personalized spiritual curriculum.

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Connect with your Spirit Team to receive messages and take aligned action.

If you are ready to open to your spiritual abilities and discover how to quantum leap onto your most aligned life path,

This includes the 4 foundational courses AND the Healing Playlist

for a one time payment of $99 (a savings of over $100!)

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The Foundations Course Bundle includes:

1. How to use a pendulum for getting your highest truth's answers 
2. How to energetically clear and take care of youself, loved ones, and home
3. How to use oracle/tarot cards as a personalized spiritual curriculum to align you with your highest life path
4. How to connect with your Spirit Team to receive messages and take action
5. A playlist included many reiki guided meditations and more that is added to monthly
6. Access to a private community forum for asking questions and sharing experiences

(This will open in a new window, so you can easily 
find your way back here after to open your free course.)

Amy’s way of teaching has such a simplicity to it that I was able to understand everything that she was teaching me and it didn’t leave me wondering what I learned.

She has such a gentle way of teaching and she is just a pure genuine soul.

Her meditations are always super fun and an amazing experience!

I recommend anything that she has to offer because her knowledge and wisdom is constantly evolving and she’s always looking for new ways/things to teach!

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